LF308 BA Hybrid

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This is simply our hybrid model on steroids. It comes with an 18″ barrel that’s guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA with match grade ammunition and still comes in at under 8lbs. Our Ballistic Advantage Tactical Government Profile Barrel is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel with a QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish and a QPQ coated M4 feed ramp extension. It’s matched with our proven lightweight aluminum 15″ free float KeyMod handguard. Without question, the LF308 BA Hybrid is one of the most versatile .308 ARs that you can own. 30 business day lead time.

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California Compliant: All orders from California will automatically ship with an installed Bullet Button and a 10 round magazine.

LF308 BA Hybrid

Barrel18" .308 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel Nitride
Mid-Length Gas System
Rifling Twist1:10 RH
Muzzle Device5/8x24 A2 Flash Suppressor
Handguard15" Free-Float Keymod MIL-STD 1913 Rail System
StockRogers Deluxe Super Stock 6 Position Adjustable
Upper ReceiverBillet 7075-T6 Aluminum Flat-Top with MIL-STD 1913 Rail DPMS High Profile Style
Lower ReceiverBillet 7075-T6 Aluminum DPMS Style
TriggerSingle Stage Mil-Spec Trigger
Charging HandleStandard
FinishCerakote Upper, Lower, and Handguard.
Overall Length36"
Weight7lbs 14oz
IncludedOne 20-round MagPul Pmag
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

10 reviews for LF308 BA Hybrid

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    RJ Beaton

    Have been looking for an AR 10 308 for quite a while. Live in California so inventory has been low and all overpriced due to impending laws. Found Live Free Armory online, was skeptical at first buying a rifle unseen, only with the pictures on website but spoke with owners, Lori and Chris and I was sold. My new LF308 BA Hybrid arrived (ca. legal) within 6 days of placing my order and let me tell you, WOW, what a beautiful piece!! I ordered it with the Tungsten cerakote finish (flawless), i was lookiog for any deafaults and or blemishes but can’t find any, nickel boron bolt, beavertail soft grip, and the chrome muzzle flash, this is one bad mo fo!! Very satisfied, want one in every color!! Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger and order it, you will be more than satisfied and all your frineds will be jealous and want one too. It’s that good.. …….

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Feng (verified owner)

    I am the one that do not like write detail review but I have to tell how great rifle I just received from Livefreearmory. The specific model is LF308 BA Hybrid because of the 18″ BA barrel and light weight. I upgraded a G2S trigger by myself before range. The 15″ hand guard is a plus, 8-way kmod mounting system. I had put about 200 rounds through her with no issue. Thanks NiB bolt carrier group which came with. I zeroed at 25 meters and all 5 rounds group under 1/3 inch hole. The range has some steel targets at 300 meters, the smallest one is 4″ and I hit it EASY by using a 4-16x scope. I want to mention that the ammo is 145g cheap Russian ammo! If you want a accurate precision rifle under 8lb, take this model. The only complain is fire pin retaining pin of BCG, an old school style make you pain during the maintenance. But it is not a big deal and easy to fix.
    Once again, thank you Livefreearmory.com and Lori! Keep making top quality products!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    kyle meier (verified owner)

    I bought this rifle knowing that i was going to update the trigger to a geissle ssae two stage. This gun is very accurate shooting multiple factory loads sub moa. This gun prefers 150-168 grain. Hasn’t shot 180 well yet. Have not tried anything bigger than 180. Live free installed an adjustable gas block as I have a suppressor and thought i needed one. My only complaint was i wasn’t aware that i wouldn’t be able to reach the gas adjustment with a standard L wrench and needed to buy a special 1 foot L wrench and had to do some research on the size of the wrench. Would have been nice to know. I have found that the gun likes 44 grains of w760, 4064, varget with 150 grain bullets and 42 blc2 grains with 168grain amax. This is a sweet rifle and i look forward to many years of coyote extermination and milk jug blastin.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles Kimble

    Just took my AR10 (LF308, BA barrel, LFA muzzle brake, Velocity trigger , ergo grip) out for some distance shooting. Zeroed in at 100yrds with 155grn remanufactured ammo from Freedom Munitions. (Haven’t tested your sub MOA claim with match grade ammo yet) Without any scope adjustments, rang steel(8×14) at 200 & 300 yrds. Slight adjustments for 400 yrds and about 8 clicks on the turret for 500. Once hitting steel at 500 yrds, switched over to 145 grn and 168 grn ammo. Without any scope adjustments, able to hit steel consistently with all 3 loads. I have ran remanufactured, and cheap factory, and upper grade ammo in it and it ran without any issues. I have put about 400 rounds through it and have not had one issue. I am thrilled about the performance and could not be happier

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scot Thompson

    Customer service unmatched! I have the LF308 BA Hybrid and it is guaranteed sub moa because that’s what it does. This is my first AR in 308. I simply can’t imagine the big name companies with their huge prices shooting more efficient or accurate. I have ran over 300 rounds through with absolutely zero issues. I use freedom munitions ammo, the cheap FMJ and the VMAX, either way it loves to eat! At 300 hundred yards it has grouped 3 rounds touching each other on paper. Leupold VX 6 7-42 x 56 is what I have on it. I believe it is capable of consistent hits at 800 yards if not 1,000. Most recently I installed a 24C Hyperfire trigger and it is a fantastic match with this rifle. If you are on the fence about Live Free Armory, get down you won’t be disappointed! Some things aren’t to good to be true!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leon Hartsock (verified owner)

    I own the LF308 BAWhen these rifles were first being released I stopped by Chris’s shop. He and his engineer took the time to speak with me in great depth about their rifles. They had several rifles out on display for me to look at. After handling each on, in 5.56 and 308 I was impressed. The optional NIB BCG’s they offered coated properly and gas key’s were staked properly as well. Not all NIB BCG’s are created equally! The barrels they used in this Hybrid was a Ballistic Advantage Barrel. This is the barrel my local shop uses to build firearms for the SF community and SWAT teams (including mine). I have tested dozens of BA barrels and found them to highly accurate barrels for bargain price. The rail system’s are proprietary and look as good as they feel.. They are ergonomic, practical, light and feel strong. They ensured that the rails lined up properly with the upper receiver. There is little to no play between the upper and lower. The stock demo trigger that was at the shop felt great but when i got mine it felt like any other regular Mil-Spec trigger but that didnt matter because a Geissele SSA-E was going in it. The cerakote finish is quality as well. As far as furniture goes this is where they save some money. Using basic components that get the job done. The Rogers Super stock is inexpensive but the tension system will lock that stock to the buffer tube tighter than any of my magpuls. But the point of these basic but quality parts is for you to customize the rifle the way you want, which is a good selling point to me as a customer. For accuracy testing I used Hornady SST 150 grain. I only had 80 yards, used a Nightforce scope, prone and got sub MOA in low wind conditions. Rounds nearly touching each other . With cheap .55 cent M80 ball ammo i was getting greater than 1 MOA at 80 yards. No malfunctions. After speaking with Chris I told him, that if his rifle shoots as well as they sound, then I think he’d corner the market in AR10’s.. And this rifle does shoot and handle well. DO NOT let the price fool you. These rifles are quality. Usually you get what you pay for, but in this case you get a lot more.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer DeRosier

    Bought this a gift to myself for my 22nd. Supreme quality to price ratio. IMR 4064 & a 175 BTHP delivered 1″ groups at 200 and had no problem reaching out to 800. Although due to tight tolerances it will not cycle lake city machine gun brass. Even small based. No regrets.

  8. Rated 3 out of 5


    It shoots well with match grade ammo. Consistently groups 1 MOA. The core of the rifle (barrel and bolt) are both very good. However the overall craftsmanship and attention to detail is lacking. Cerakote job is not the best, I can see bare aluminum on the inside of the upper receiver and the lower receiver where the Cerakote never touched it. There are some rough machining marks through out the receiver set and the safety selector detente was mangled. Overall, it shoots reliably and accurately which are the most important aspects but it gets 3 stars for poor attention to detail and poor overall craftsmanship. The price is great guys, but its really not too hard to pay attention to detail. It will cost you few extra man hour per couple hundred rifles at most to make these rifles really shine.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Woodell

    I bought the LF308 BA Hybrid 18″ in October. I should have ordered with the upgraded trigger but failed to do so, so I won’t complain about that. As for accuracy…? WOW. Using Hornady 168-gr BTHP match ammo (the ONLY match ammo I could find in the area), when I do my part it delivers 0.75MOA at 100 yards, 4 rounds into one ragged hole. (Pic uploaded on your Facebook account a few weeks back.) With the tank-style muzzle-break, this thing is a PUSSY-CAT to shoot… This, from a skinny guy who does NOT like much recoil… feels like a .223 AR.

    I’m NO competitor or military marksman, just an enthused amateur shooting for ~20 years… but for MY eyes, I see excellent quality, good balance, low weight (just under 10# dressed with BUIS, scope and 20-round P-Mag), SUPERB accuracy…. for an excellent price. It cycled pretty much everything I could feed into it, only a few misfires on old surplus NATO ball ammo I was using (typical of 40 year-old ammo, same results in other weapons).

    I’ll put it this way: if you’re thinking of stepping up to an AR style 308 but don’t want to build it yourself, THIS is the package. Light-weight, reliable, superior accuracy… All for the best price. This is as GOOD as it gets. 🙂

  10. Rated 4 out of 5

    Justin Scheel (verified owner)

    I bought the LF308 BA HYBRID in January 2017. I waited this long to leave a review to make sure I could give an honest assessment of how the guns runs. First let me say that livefreearmory has excellent costumer service and if you encounter a problem with a gun purchased from them, they will take care if you as a costumer. I recieved my gun 3 weeks after ordering it because they were very busy and they told me this on the phone prior to my order, no big deal. I sighted it in at 100yds in about 8 shots with 150 grain ammo which is pretty good for my shooting. I had 1 malfunction in the first 20ish rounds. Took it hunting that weekend with success but had another malfunction. Talked to livefree sent it back for them to check out and got it back in 2 weeks. Sighted in again with more malfunctions so I emailed them again and the next day got a call from the owner. He told me he knew what the problem was and so I sent it back again. 2 weeks later I got a great running, very accurate AR-10 that I have since had zero problems with. I have hunted with it with great precision and stretched it out to 600yds with 150 grain cheap ammo. 4 stars just because it wasn’t perfect the first time, but I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE GUN AND COMPANY (hand have done so) to anyone looking for an affordable long range light weight ar-10 platform. I’m very satisfied with the burnt bronze cerakote, comfortable grip, and weight of this versatile rifle. Thank you livefreeamory for correcting the problem and building such a beautiful well running firearm.

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